Customer Service

technical advice

Availability and safety are the top priorities in materials handling and warehouse systems. It’s the only way to guarantee economic efficiency and productivity. In order that downtimes in your warehouse are not a minute longer than absolutely necessary, our experts help your operating personnel in the event of problems. For example, by way of our service hotline. The telephone hotline gives you fast access to competent answers to many questions regarding operation, maintenance and malfunctions.

All just part of the service at Warehouse & Factory Automation. And when you call, you are not put through to a machine or a call centre, instead receive the best possible help directly from our specialists. Ask for our individual hotline support.

  • Availability of expert knowledge
  • Sharing of specialist product know-how
  • Telephone support for troubleshooting
  • Tips on operation and rectifying malfunctions
  • Maintenance and documentation.
Remote Diagnosis

It’s not always necessary to send a service team to resolve a problem. Often, all that’s needed is for the service experts at Warehouse & Factory Automation to log in to the control for the corresponding system. They can then read out all the operating parameters, spot any problems and initiate the corresponding rectification measures. In many cases that can already be carried out directly, online. This fast and dependable troubleshooting reduces downtimes and therefore increases the availability of your facility. 
  • Telephone support
  • Online/Offline malfunction diagnosis
  • Evaluation of malfunction causes
  • Malfunction rectification measures

Even apparently insignificant components can have serious consequences in the case of wear or malfunctions. That’s why we pay attention to the tiniest details. Immediate responses are sometimes necessary, and so we work jointly with you to draw up a spare parts list tailored to your facility and define specific spare parts packages. Delivery, replacement or repair is carried out as quickly as possible.

  • Advice on stocking spare parts on the customer’s premises

Warehouse & Factory Automation has specially formulated service and maintenance contracts that aim to achieve maximum functional reliability and maximum availability. As part of the contract, our service engineers carry out a full check of the installation at regular intervals. That enables weaknesses to be recognised in good time and wear parts to be replaced before it’s too late – to prevent further damage or expensive downtime.

  • System check for ensuring proper functioning and operational safety
  • Designation of wear parts and preventive replacement
  • Provision of service and diagnosis tools
  • Smaller repair jobs
  • Meaningful maintenance logs

Safety Check

All systems are checked and certified with respect to proper functional and operational safety within the scope of the safety checks prescribed by legislation, and strictly in accordance with all relevant safety standards. Safety checks can be carried out within the scope of maintenance or as a separate service – exactly as the customer require

  • Safety checks to all relevant safety standards
  • Safety checks based on customer’s internal specification

Especially cost-effective when carried out at the same time as an inspection.


Improve the skills of your employees with productivity-oriented training packages for various departments. Providing operating personnel with a sound body of knowledge improves and secures the long-term efficiency of the whole warehouse. 

Training courses are tailored to customers’ respective needs and requests and are carried out at the customer’s premises.