Multiflex Storage & Retrieval


The MULTIFLEX sets new standards for throughput, flexibility and efficiency. It comprises three perfectly coordinated modules with seamless interfaces: the proven compact satellite shuttle, the high-performance vertical lift conveyor and the newly developed Carrier. In analogy to the small-part-shuttle technology, the MULTIFLEX enables multi-deep storage and highly dynamic commissioning of various types of pallets. In addition, the compact design of the shuttles and vertical conveyors ensure a very high storage density.

With this modular structure, the MULTIFLEX is flexibly adaptable to different challenges. The fields of application for this pallet-shuttle-system are as variable as its three configurations. It is suitable, for instance for cold storage, buffer storage, dispatch warehouses, sequence storage, commissioning warehouses or supply warehouses – But also for compact warehouses with low throughput.

No matter how MULTIFLEX is operated, the system can also be deployed in complex building layouts. It is also ideal for upgrading the most diverse types of existing warehouses, e.g. setups using industrial trucks with low heights or warehouses with most diverse roof slopes. With this pallet-shuttle-system Warehouse & Factory Automation can also bring Industry 4.0 into your existing warehouse, creating an even more intelligent value chain.

All modules of the MULTIFLEX system are consistently construed for the toughest deep-freeze conditions and are suitable for a wide variety of load carriers.

Due to the consistent application of innovative energy storage systems, charging concepts and smart energy management, this system also has a low energy consumption and therefore reduces costs. The energy balance and thus the operating costs play an essential role, especially in cold storage.

Depending on the customer’s wishes, the pallet-shuttle-system can be used in three different system configurations.

Multiflex: System solutions

System Solution 1: Level-Bound

The Carrier and compact Shuttle are permanently assigned to each other and remain on one level. The compact Shuttle retrieves a unit load from the racking and transfers this to the Carrier, which then transports the load to the Lift ( vertical conveyor ) at the end of the aisle. The Lift forms the link to the warehouse apron.

Advantage: especially high throughput rates.

System Solution 2: Free-moving Carrier

At least two compact Shuttles are assigned to one Carrier. In this configuration, each compact Shuttle is allocated to one aisle and level. The shuttles retrieve unit loads from the racking and position these ready for transferring to the Carrier. The Carrier then either transfers the load to a Lift or positions itself in the vertical conveyor. Vertical transport allows the Carrier to operate on several levels of an aisle. At the same time, the compact Shuttles continue to operate independently and position unit loads ready for collection. Complex order picking strategies can therefore be implemented right from the retrieval of a load.

Advantage: average throughput and flexible warehousing strategies.

System Solution 3: Free-moving Unit

A permanent Carrier / compact Shuttle combination operates as one unit moving over all aisle levels. Depending on the warehousing strategy, the Carrier plus compact Shuttle or load can be re positioned by means of a Lift ( vertical conveyor ). To increase flexibility and performance, further Carrier / compact Shuttle pairs can be integrated into an existing system at a later date.

Advantage: easy scalability and highly diverse applications.

Multiflex: System Advantages

The scalability of the Carrier and compact satellite shuttle is one of the MULTIFLEX´s most essential advantages. The integral control enables different modules to achieve flexible operations. For example, it is easily possible to cut the throughput time of a warehouse and improve the utilization of the space at any time.

  • Scalable, for further increases in performance
  • Optimum use of space with any building layout
  • Suitable for a huge range of load carriers
  • Low energy consumption
  • High throughput rates up to 250 pallets per hour
  • High availability
  • Can be retrofitted in existing warehouses
  • Compact design for high storage density
  • Less installation work
  • Cold store compatibility down to –30 °C
Multiflex: Example System solution
Multiflex: System modules
Multiflex: Carrier

The newly developed CARRIER sets standards when it comes to approach dimensions and performance. 45 years of experience with highly dynamic storage technology combined in one product. The CARRIER functions as a transport unit for the compact satellite shuttle with or without load and can be repositioned as required with the vertical conveyor. Thanks to the innovative controls concept several COMPACT SHUTTLES can be assigned to one CARRIER at the same time – thus, ensuring scalability for every system solution even afterwards.

Eight running wheels ensure stable, safe transport at mechanical interfaces – therefore easily mastering aisle lengths of up to 120 m. Its lightweight design reduces energy consumption. Also all components are designed for use in cold stores as standard.

A new generation of high-performance power caps plus inductive energy transmission reduce the installation requirements and hence the cost of the investment.

There is a permanent point-to-point radio link between the CARRIER and the compact satellite shuttle, to ensure maximum functional reliability. All the movements are monitored by the integral control system and compared among each other. The control system guarantees the highest communication security, for example for emergency stop signals in case of an emergency. The disadvantage for complicated external controls and monitoring is cancelled. The deep freeze suitable touch display is arranged ergonomically and ensures easy maintenance and adjustment of the carriers.

  • Lightweight construction for low self-weight
  • Rated load: up to 1.500 kg
  • Low energy consumption
  • Load-handling: pallets, special load carriers
  • Speed: up to 300 m/min
  • Acceleration: up to 1.2 m/s2
  • Power supply: inductive/conductor rail
  • Cold store compatibility down to –30 °C
  • Integral control
  • Repositioned by vertical conveyor
  • Pre-commissioning