Inverted Monorail

This inverted monorail system is powered by inductive energy. The smart track guided vehicles run on floor mounted twin rails. The system sets new standards in terms of throughput, flexibility, and scalability. True to the motto “dynamic warehousing”, this inductive rail system from provides a high-performance conveying system for the apron in warehouse systems, or functions as an alternative to conveyor systems with continuous conveyors.

This inductive rail system consists of high-performance transport carts and a twin rail track. The track is made from anodized aluminum, which is not only robust, but easy to install. Simple switches ensure good availability, even in the case of complex plant layouts. With a 1:1 distribution of the material flow, the fast switching times of the switches enable throughput rates of up to 450 carts per hour. Fast cart changeovers and the inclusion of additional carts are therefore no problem, e.g. to reach peak performance in material flows.

The PU-coated running wheels guided inside the rail profile mean that not only are the transport carts quiet, but also that each bogie is ideally protected against dust and dirt. All transport carts are designed for a rated load of max. 1500 kg. The two driven wheels achieve fast acceleration and a fast travelling speed, but at the same time, the separate drivetrains constitute a redundant system that ensures that your warehouse keeps working. The compact design of the carts results in space saving layouts, which is particularly important at transfer stations, where several carts can operate side by side. For example, two loads can be transferred simultaneously in a very confined space. The low rail profiles and the compact dimensions of the inductive rail system result in a transfer height of just 700 mm.

  • High throughput rates of up to 450 carts per hour
  • Scalability: later upgrades to increase productivity and flexibility
  • High availability
  • Compact design to ensure optimum use of space
  • Less installation work

Inductive Monorail