Control Systems


Warehouse & Factory Automation is a full-service controls company specializing in material handling automation. Warehouse & Factory Automation is an independent system integrator dedicated to helping our customers increase their productivity through proven automation, information systems, and sound operating procedures. Our abundance of industry experience and execution will get your controls system operational fast, allowing you the benefit of improved operations ahead of your competition.

What is a Control System?

A controls system is defined as a system used to maintain a desired output based on the status of available input. To Warehouse & Factory Automation, a controls system refers to the process of integrating and automating a wide variety of technologies to meet our customers’ specific business objectives such as Conveyors, Sortation, AS/RS, Robots & Print & Apply.

As a pioneer in a market that is led by expansion and innovation, we know that all technologies must work together seamlessly and efficiently in order for your operations to achieve maximum productivity. Partner with Warehouse & Factory Automation today and let our experience be your resource. Warehouse & Factory Automation provides an array of expertise in controls systems. In typical industrial applications, controls systems will range in size and function. Examples of such controls systems include: Standalone machines (stretch wrapper, case sealer, etc.) Centralized system controls (small, single-panel systems) Distributed control systems (mid-sized systems, multiple-panel systems)

Controls System Design

Warehouse & Factory Automation offers custom control system design and integration, along with full system service and support to give you peace of mind. We believe that it is very important for our customers to know the process in which we develop their solutions.  By establishing and encouraging communication with our customers throughout the entire system design and implementation process, we are confident that our customer’s wants and needs will be addressed and valued with the utmost care. 

Functional Specification Documents

The first step in our controls system design process is to define the scope of the project for the customer; that includes:

  • System Functions (Material Handling, Manufacturing, etc.)
  • Explicit Features (Application Specific)
  • Routing and Sortation of Products (Decision Points)

Operator Interfaces (HMI, PanelView, etc.)

Hardware Design

Warehouse & Factory Automation begins its controls engineering process by designing the electrical layout of your system and panels utilizing a variety of industrial drawing tools (i.e. AutoCAD, Siemens ePlan, etc.).  Based on the customer’s specifications, our Controls Engineers will determine the most efficient electrical configuration and design necessary to achieve maximum productivity from your system.

Software Design

Our Controls Engineers understand that each project is different.  With our broad range of controls software experience, Warehouse & Factory Automation then determines a software design solution that meets your project specifications (i.e. RSLogix, Siemens Step-7, etc.)

Panel Build

After your system design drawings have been verified and finalized by our Electrical Engineers, the electrical control panels are built. Testing is completed of all Motor Control Centres and Field Panels before being transported to site.

PLC and HMI Programming

Warehouse & Factory Automation has a vast amount of experience in the programming of its controls and HMI systems.  With this in mind, that experience has established quick and efficient development of PLC and HMI programs because of proven modules custom to each specific application.  Programming is completed prior to going on-site so that our Controls Engineers can begin commissioning & troubleshooting your system immediately. 

Warehouse & Factory Automation offers both PLC and sophisticated PC based control systems depending upon your application or specifications.  Both our PLC and PC code use standard (proven) logic routines to bring about an extremely reliable solution.

Commission the system

Onsite troubleshooting and employee training occur, once a system is fully operational.  Upon satisfactory completion of the Final Acceptance Tests (FAT), Warehouse & Factory Automation then hands over the operation of the system to the end user.  Warehouse & Factory Automation prides itself on the level of support we can provide throughout the entire process of system commissioning: before, during, and after the completion of your project.

Client/Server Interfaces (HMI)

Our HMI, or Human-Machine Interface, is a GUI (graphical user interface) that allows your operator to seamlessly interact with and control your system simply by using a typical mouse and keyboard.  In this complex world of industrial and material handling controls systems, our HMI gives each customer the added advantage of reduced down time, more effective troubleshooting, and real life system perspective. Warehouse & Factory Automation has the capability of interfacing and integrating with existing WCS programs. 

Post Go-Live Support

Every customer receives support for one (1) year following the commissioning of their system.  Warehouse & Factory Automations quick-support dispatch is dedicated to getting your system functional and efficient as quickly as possible; if any problems should arise.  Once system support expires, we offer a number of support packages to keep your system running to its best capability.