Aisle Bound Crane

The aisle-bound stacker Crane series has proved a favourite with customers because of its optimum use of space. Minimum approach dimensions at the end of the aisle and at the top and bottom of the travel plus no-buffers end-of-aisle protection permit full exploitation of the storage space. And then there’s the speed factor as well: good travelling speed and acceleration figures ensure efficient storage and retrieval, also during peak times. 

Depending on requirements, our Aisle bound storage retrieval machines (SRMs) can be fitted with one, two or three drives. Where very high maneuverability is required, we also makes use of an interlocking drive concept with a toothed rack. That results in throughput rates that are otherwise only seen in automated small parts warehouses. Another benefit of the toothed rack drive is the low load on the running wheels and the rails.

The large range of load handling attachments, turns any rail-guided SRM into a true all-rounder ideal for virtually any branch of industry, whether for paper storage or cold stores. Only when the interfaces between storage retrieval machines, load handling equipment, and load carriers are perfectly matched is it possible to operate an automated high bay warehouse reliably and economically.

Here, too, the modular construction enables good flexibility and easy adaptation to meet customer requirements. All modules can be combined to suit the specification, which enables graduated, application-based configurations for all products. Upgrades for better performance or retrofitting in existing warehouses are therefore no problem.

The drive unit heads are adjustable and thus permit infinite correction of the mast angle. Load cycle deformations can therefore be compensated for safely and effectively, which guarantees outstanding precision even after many operating hours. The low-vibration, rigid mast design minimises the damping times between individual movements. Even long-reach models thus achieve high speeds and good acceleration.

  • Aisle-bound design saves space and guarantees high speeds
  • No-buffers end-of-aisle protection
  • Minimum approach dimensions at the top and bottom of the travel
  • Variable drive concepts
  • Good speed and acceleration
  • High throughput rates
  • High availability
  • Best use of available space
  • Modular system
  • Single- or twin-mast versions
  • Overall heights of up to 49 m
  • Lifting capacities of up to 6000 kg
  • Cold store compatibility down to –30°C

Aisle Bound Crane