System Design

Warehouse & Factory Automation’s scope of delivery includes; feasibility studies, system design, project management, installation & system integration. System integration is defined in engineering as the process of bringing together the component sub-systems into one system (an aggregation of subsystems cooperating so that the system is able to deliver the overarching functionality) and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a single system. Our experience combined with our partners extensive manufacturing capabilities, allow us to deliver large systems and solutions that can increase productivity, lower unit costs, improve product quality and provide greater flexibility.


Warehouse & Factory Automation are free to specify and select the best equipment for your solution regardless of equipment manufacturer.

Initial Survey

A Warehouse & Factory Automation survey provides a road map for operational improvement by leveraging unique design concepts aimed at reducing costs and improving material handling system quality. The survey is a proficient way to study current operations, benchmarking performance and practices, and develop alternative concepts.

Warehouse & Factory Automation will conduct a review of your operation and offer material handling system concepts for consideration. The survey is essentially designed to take advantage of Warehouse & Factory Automation’s vast experience by quickly analysing your operation and benchmarking it to similar operations and/or industries. We can then determine what technologies and processes make sense for further examination and what opportunities are feasible.

Initial Meeting

Warehouse & Factory Automation conducts an initial meeting and tour of your facility to assess the major operational areas. We work with you to define goals for the survey that complement those of your business. Two to three days after this meeting, we provide you with a proposal for a full survey.

Conducting a Survey

Once engaged, Warehouse & Factory Automation spends a number of days on site. We conduct a kick-off meeting with your internal team, review company and survey objectives, discuss best practices in material handling and operations, review the distribution material flows, collect necessary data, and interview key personnel.

Design Concepts

The site visit information is benchmarked against industry standards and alternative design concepts are developed. This is an iterative process, conducted in close collaboration with you for rapid feedback.


The estimated cost and benefits of each recommendation are quantified and compared. Economic feasibility is best understood in the context of competitive advantage.

Refine Concepts and Prepare Report

At the end of the survey, Warehouse & Factory Automation compiles an engineering report consisting of our observations, any summary data collected, a complete description of the recommended solution, engineering drawings & budgetary costs.

Final Presentation

Warehouse & Factory Automation meets with your project team, management, and senior executives to present the survey results and determine the next steps going forward.

Feasibility Study / System Design / Equipment selection.

Definition of Project aims / Analysis of the current situation / Generation of alternative concepts / Selection of the optimum solution / Simulate the design if necessary to prove the selected concept / Plan processes & project interfaces / Detailed solution design / Equipment selection.

Layout design service

Sometimes clients know exactly what changes need to be made to their manufacturing or distribution facilities – they just need assistance in specifying equipment and drawing the solution.  Armed with the latest tools, our designers not only design efficient systems, but also understand the technical components going into them. This allows Warehouse & Factory Automation to produce an optimal material handling system layout for your business goals. One of the best business decisions you can make is to engage an expert in material handling system design when planning your facility layout.

Engaging Warehouse & Factory Automation allows you to consider your facility layout from the perspective of your product, process flows, material handling techniques, man-machine interfaces, and plant structures. Profiling the current movement of product and projecting material flow help you design the best building and material handling system to accomplish your company’s goals.

Whether the layout is for an existing or a new “greenfield” facility, our goal is to plan around the function and the process. Our design approach provides our customers with initial capital cost savings and lower operating cost over time.

How Layout & Design works

Several criteria are considered before the design begins. Once the general operation, business plan, and design goals are well understood, we will work closely with you and your consultant, architect, or construction firm to define the facility requirements.

Warehouse & Factory Automation also works closely with your team to optimize your layout design. Warehouse & Factory Automation uses the latest tools to create your system layout drawings.

Material Handling System Simulations

Computer simulation analysis helps visualize changes in layout and process as well as answer what-if questions before implementing automation technology, information management systems, or procedural changes.  Computer simulation models can be used to help evaluate potential new automation investments or even changes to current operations.  Results of a computer simulation can help determine throughput rates, the number of employees needed to pick orders, design problems, and system bottlenecks.